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Now if Face Book (FB), actually goes ahead and deploys their e-mail service upon the WWW, I honestly believe ABSOLUTELY NO DAMN GOOD can come of it. Other then users blindly clicking about looking for old flames, drinking buddies, or even that nerd they used to “pack-bully” back in the day, it is of MY opinion the FB is the true essence of “Form-Over-Function”! Since it’s inception, the press surrounding FB has always been mixed, in that context it seems more often then not FB is only making headlines because of;

The Horrifying-
-security issues
-third-party vendors misbehaving
-people doing things they shouldn’t be (especially during work hours)

The Decent
-binding together awareness groups (which can be construed as the horrifying, depending on your views)
-pages sometimes started for missing people or legitimate help organizations

Now in today’s world of security lets look at the underlying principals that really bother me. Write to FB and ask for your profile to be removed and binned for good, or even better, take a look through their EULA and see what “opt-out” really means. If the average person applied those kinds of caveats to their career between other associates or employers, I’m sure for the most part one would find them selves being binned in the real sense of the word and not FB’s version/lofty idea of the word (or at least publicly skewered for it).

Most serious providers of e-mail or “networking” do offer a legitimate option for binning/deleting you profile (though some are buried deep within the EULA) but, nonetheless they do. I opened a FB account over two years ago to see what the fuss was about, I poked about for forty-eight hours and decided it wasn’t for me. Since then I have written to FB twice, have NOT logged into the account and followed all of their “suggestions” to the letter, guess what? Friends I added during the trial can still see my profile, and if it wasn’t for some sort of spam control/junk filters in my e-mail, I would still see messages telling me I haven’t logged in in awhile and I should see this that and the other thing.

Taking all of this into consideration, just imagine the flood of mail once one’s e-mail address is publicly catalogued to one’s profile, further more one can only imagine at some time that info will be compromised as it has in the past by FB partners. Once again in MY opinion the whole idea scares me to death and the age old adage “Buyer Beware” (Very AWARE) in this case applies like never before.